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Across companies in India, one of the things that employees desire the most is a vacation. Even if they can’t get time off from each other during the work week, they still crave a vacation together. Once considered a luxury and something only in the realm of the biggest of companies, corporate retreats are fast becoming as common as the coffee machine in the break room. As the older managerial class is replaced by a younger workforce in charge, vacations are becoming increasingly common across companies and industries.

Here’s why every company needs to take their team on a corporate retreat!

Team building on Corporate Retreats

“Team building” is one of those buzzwords that has been around for decades, but it doesn’t necessarily have to mean those clichéd exercises that managers are put through at every offsite trip. “Team building” is in fact the result of any activity – which can even include lazing around and laughing at the simplest of things – that happens when the employees are off work and in a leisurely space where they won’t be judged. Away from the stiffness of formal suits, ties, and endless meetings is when people truly come to care for each other as human beings, instead of only considering their rank, designation and role in an organisation.


To counter the demands of a ruthless business culture, companies often need to ease tensions among employees. One of the best ways to do this is to provide them happy memorable experiences to replace the occasional negativity that a workplace creates. Away from their desks, emails and responsibilities, a vacation can truly bring out the best in people, and they’ll often come back with new insights about each other.

These positive relationships, fostered through happy memories, tend to often translate to better work equations, and also soothe over workplace frictions. Research has shown that happier employees are less likely to resign, and also tend to be more invested in their roles.

Relationship building

A recreational vacation is a great idea for business getaways. Everyone in the company, even the unfit can come together on a golfing trip or a yoga retreat. Options like these are great to create a relaxed environment for team members, where they can share experiences, insights and stories about their lives.  Business managers can also use corporate vacation time to build relationships with their partners and fellow managers.

Great to showcase a great work culture

There’s nothing like photos of grinning and prancing employees on vacation on the company Facebook and LinkedIn pages to show that there is indeed a positive work culture in place. A company’s willingness to spend on their employees travel and recreational needs, in a consistent way shows that they are invested in workplace happiness. And for employees, it’s one less reason to quit the company!

Clearly, the benefits of a corporate vacation are many, as many businesses have realised through anecdotal evidence and observing how happy and satisfied their employees are after coming back from a corporate vacation.

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