Ranakpur sightseeing

Every state in India offers a fascinating and diverse culture-rich heritage. If Rajasthan is your choice for a vacation getaway, then you couldn’t have picked a better destination. The Land of Maharajas is a beautiful representation of India’s rich architectural heritage, cultural diversity and hospitality. Within Rajasthan, if you wish to explore Ranakpur beyond the magnificent Jain temple, then you have come to the right place!

Explore Ranakpur
Ranakpur Temple

But don’t take our word for it. It wholeheartedly welcomes the visitors to indulge in the sights, sounds and flavours of the various Rajasthan tourist places.

With the most spectacular experience of verdant greenery and gushing streams and the vibrant culture with a myriad of enrapturing beauty in store, Ranakpur has earned its place on the list of must-visit destinations in Rajasthan. Explore Ranakpur to see why it holds a position in the most-visit list of Rajasthan tourist places. In fact, once you are in the village, it is impossible for any traveller, food lover, or shopping lover to go empty-handed.

Ranakpur is not just great for visiting the temples, it has more to it! Let’s have a look at some of the most interesting things to do at Ranakpur to ensure that you make the most of your trip.

Good Food is a virtue!

Rajasthani food

You have to ignore the fact that alcohol and non-vegetarian food is banned in most of Ranakpur. Why? The place is renowned for its pilgrimage, and people here consider drinking and slaughtering a sin. However, foodies don’t return hungry from Ranakpur. While you are served with the best food in the hotels, Ranakpur resorts can be a delight if you are on the lookout for authentic Jain cuisine.

The place has several restaurants that are just perfect for a meal after a pious afternoon in the temples. The proximity to the Marwar region is a big reason why you should taste the traditional dish of the place. Dal Bati Churma can be the ultimate gift of strolling along the streets for good food. Bon appétit!

The local sweets are a must!

Rajasthani sweets

Cancel your return tickets if you haven’t yet tasted the sweet dishes of this holy land of Rajasthan. Rajasthan has always been famous among the tourists for the variety it holds in sweets. Visitors flock the local markets and present themselves to some of the most amazing sweets made from the gram flour. You can order some at your Ranakpur resorts or visit the streets to taste the best Moong Halwa, Rabdi, Ghevar, and Khadi. These are the most common among tourists and the sweet shops are indeed the best places to visit in Ranakpur for foodies. Don’t forget to get some of these packed, as we can guarantee that you will miss these sweets after you return home to your daily meals.

Pretty cool handicrafts!

Rajasthani handicrafts

Ranakpur is a popular destination among travellers who travel to grow their collection of antiques and handicrafts. The markets are a showcase for local artists to show their miniature paintings and handicrafts. The handmade items in the markets are also famous among tourists and are bought by most of them to pour some art and craft back at their homes. The wooden crafts and carved items like carved goods, wooden carvings, and marble carvings are really a delight to the eyes. Ranakpur is the best place to buy items that can help you in card making, scrapbooking, decoupage, sospeso, quilling, washi tapes, punch craft, clay moulds and tools, embellishments, inks, pattern papers, stamps, cutting dies, resin crafts.

A place that women love

Ranakpur market

The vibrant atmosphere of Ranakpur markets is one of the best places to visit in Ranakpur. Plus the variety and the colour of the products in the markets make Ranakpur a great place for women to shop for things to take back home. Keep your bargaining skills ready and jump into the market to buy some majestic pieces of silver jewellery, bangles made using precious and sparkling gems, pottery and a few more. Leave no shop unexplored as all these shops have some or the other attribute of the rich Rajasthani culture that will make your living room spectacular.

The pilgrim’s destination – Explore Ranakpur

Pilgrim destination

Why Explore Ranakpur, Rajasthan & India

Ranakpur is the ultimate destination for the ones who love visiting ancient temples. Famous for the huge Jain temple that attributes full construction with the help of marble only, this pristine place is sure to leave you in awe. The majestic construction and the exceptional artistic beauty of the temple are the main attractions for tourists. However, the Jain temple is not the only temple in this area that’s magnificent. Down the road, you will also find various other temples equally vibrant, culturally and historically.

A peaceful place with a captivating rhythm

Ranakpur beauty

Besides the exalted temples, Ranakpur is also an epitome for natural beauty and the peaceful environment. When you walk through the fields, you are automatically transported to a place where the birds sing vividly. Linger for a while on the ground and experience the serenity and the chirping that has lasted through generations.



The unspoiled Aravali Range presents a pleasurable trekking experience. Discover the amazing natural beauty and learn about the local traditions while trekking through the rugged, rock-strewn countryside. You can even opt for a guided hike to make the most of this Ranakpur sightseeing experience. Enquire the hotel you are staying at for the availability of guides. In addition to learning how the Aravali Ranges was shaped over centuries, you can meet the residents and have a chat about the local traditions. Who knows you turn out lucky enough and get to hear a few folklores from the locals?

Jeep safari

Jeep safari

Get ready for an awesome experience at the Ranakpur Jungle Safari. You can enquire the hotels in Ranakpur for the best guides. This is a retreat for animal lovers, and you even get a chance to treat your eyes with the leopards. Get a nice guide, and he will help you reach the best place in the jungle to view the leopard. However, keep yourself safe from the cat while you look at it from a close distance.

Besides the leopard, the jungle will also give you the majestic views of many waterfalls and landscapes which are sure to give you goosebumps.

A visit to the Muchhal Mahavir Temple

Muchhal Mahavir Temple

The Muchchal Mahavir temple or Mahavir with a moustache has an interesting story. Once the Rana of Mewar was on a hunt when he arrived at this temple to drink water. The water that the priest offered to the Rana had a white hair in it which must have fallen from the priest’s head. The Rana jokingly said, “Does your Lord has a moustache or what?” The priest was frightened and replied “Yes”. Later Rana left for his home informing the priest that he would return after three days to see the moustache of the priest’s Lord.

The priest spent two days in prayer, and when nothing came to his mind the third day, he thought of committing suicide. That moment Lord Mahavir appeared and asked him to cover his face and ask the Rana to first offer prayers before taking off the cloth to see the Lord’s moustache. The priest did as directed by the Lord. When Rana uncovered the veil, he was astonished to see a moustache and a beard on the face of the Lord. Since then the name Muchhal Mahavir prevails among the locals.

Spend some time here and treat yourself at the fair which is held every year on the thirteenth day of the Chaitra month.

A camel ride

Camel ride

You might have been suggested on numerous occasions to take a camel ride in Jaisalmer, India if you are on a Rajasthan trip. A camel ride in Ranakpur is also a whole new experience in itself. You will find loads of options offering safaris and your hotel can hook you up with a guide. The camel will pick you up from the hotel itself and drop you back after the ride. Make sure that you don’t have to share the camel with someone as this can get boring and the camel would go slower. Also, convey each and everything to the camel owner before agreeing to a price. Avoid drinking bhang lassi before the camel ride, as this can take your mind to places where the camel won’t even go. Bhaang before a camel ride is a bad idea!

The Indo-Saracenic architecture

Indo-Saracenic architecture

The Indo-Saracenic constructions are an inseparable attribute of most Rajasthan tourist places. Also known as the Indo-Gothic or Mughal-Gothic, this style is famous for the symmetry-driven structures. The great architectural beauty of these buildings is marvellous enough to draw anyone into the world of great cultural heritage. The Laxmi Niwas Palace is a fine specimen of the Indo-Saracenic style. The entire palace is carved out of red sandstone for which Laxmi Niwas Palace is a major tourist attraction in Rajasthan. The intricate lacework on the edges of the stone and the long pathways are full of beautiful trees and magnificent fountains. Click a few pictures and you will never regret visiting this beautiful palace.

The temple of the Sun God

Temple of the Sun God

Located right next to the Ranakpur Jain Temple, you will be welcomed to this temple by monkeys and a lot of trees. This is a perfect destination to include in your ‘places to visit in Ranakpur’ checklist. You must pay 100 rupees for the camera if you are an Indian, and 200 if you are a foreigner. You’ll find the perfect place to celebrate the astonishing marble and stonework of ancient India. You get an audio guide and you won’t be permitted to carry anything made out of leather inside the temple. The idol of the Sun Lord is divine which portrays the Lord riding a chariot driven by horses. It has been beautifully carved and the ambience offers a very calm and quiet place to worship. The temple is one of a kind and holds a special place in Rajasthan tourist places.

The historic temple of Rishabhadeva

Rishabhadeva temple

Built by a Jain trader Dharna Shah in the 15th century, this temple remembers the first Jain Tirthankara, Rishabhadeva. It is believed that the idea of building this temple came from a dream that Dharna Shah saw. The next day Dharna set out in search of the best artisans. After hiring the best artisans, he asked for land to the ruler of Mewar, Rana Kumbha of the Hindu Sisodia clan. Since Dharna had been a minister in the court of the Rana, he was obliged and named the temple Ranakpur. The monument is a sight to experience and is included in any Ranakpur sightseeing package you find online. The ceiling of the temple entrance has leaves from the wish-fulfilling tree and is one of the main parts of the temple.

Ranakpur Dam

Ranakpur dam

The Ranakpur dam is a place you want to go to find a celebration of life, a vibrant experience, and a captivating rhythm. Wake up early in the morning and discover the majestic beauty of the dam. This is probably one of those Rajasthan tourist places where you find the rhythm of the birds at its best. The place is also a good place to click some photos for your Instagram page. You get a mesmerizing view in the lap of nature. The edges of the water can be a bit dangerous due to the presence of crocodiles. Enjoy the backdrop of the Aravalli mountain range and carry your breakfast with you as the scenic beauty won’t let you return to your hotels in Ranakpur before the sun is at its peak.

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