Things to do in Rajasthan

You are a true romantic at heart if you chose Rajasthan for your next romantic getaways. Escaping the romance of Rajasthan is next to impossible.

The colourful land, the sublime sand, the authentic food, the resorts in Rajasthan, the secrets hidden amidst the ruins, or the turquoise oasis – Rajasthan has everything that inspires love!

As the summer departs, the aroma of the departure of summer permeates through the entire state. The best months to plan a trip to Rajasthan has arrived – November to February. For couples, this time of the year allows the state to produce endless opportunities for fun.

Here are our top 25 one-of-a-kind romantic experiences that can sweep you off your feet:

  1. 1. A bike trip to Sambhar Lake

Surprise your soulmate with an adventurous yet super-romantic bike trip to Sambhar Lake. The landscapes near the lake offer a scenic vista to spend an ideal evening with your partner. Consider the route-map and the safety briefing to enjoy the ride the way you always wanted to!

Sambhar Lake

  1. 2. Relish the view from the best hotel in Ranakpur

Famous for its mesmerizing beauty that surrounds them, Ranakpur hotels like Mana Hotels offer some utterly romantic views. The best place for your marriage proposal can be here! Rev up your heartbeat with your soulmate in the intense colour contrasts and beautiful sunsets at Mana Hotels.

best hotel in Ranakpur

  1. 3. Explore the picturesque streets of Jaipur

For the lovers of the stunning architecture of Rajasthan, we recommend heading to the local streets of Jaipur. The Hawa Mahal, Jal Mahal, Rambagh Palace, and the City Palace are some of the most historic courtyards in Jaipur.

streets of Jaipur

  1. 4. Wine & good food for your romantic getaway

When in Rajasthan, eat good food and raise a toast to your unending love for each other. Mana Hotels is one of the best resorts in Ranakpur to enjoy a pleasant evening with your loved ones amidst the nostalgic love of the historic city.

Romance with wine

  1. 5. Take a fantastic elephant ride

An unforgettable experience is one that leaves you seduced with its thrill and intensity. For the years to come, the experience of an elephant ride at Amer Marg can be exhilarating. Exploring the flutters of the charming streets on an elephant together can become a truly memorable experience for you both.

elephant ride at Amer Marg

  1. 6. Enjoy the sublime peace at the lakes of Udaipur

Famous for its beauty and vibrancy, the lakes of Udaipur are a treat to the visitors. This can be the most soothing and relaxing aspect of a holiday with your partner.

Udaipur lake

  1. 7. Fly across the valleys in Neemrana

What may come as a not-so-romantic experience can become a once-in-a-lifetime experience. This zip line takes you on an overwhelming journey above and around Neemrana Fort-Palace. This Swiss-built installation can woo you. You might even end up wishing to stay there till the last rays of the sun.

Neemrana valleys

  1. 8. Learn cooking authentic Rajasthani dishes

Learn to master Rajasthani dishes along with your partner. Learn the little secrets of Rajasthani food with the best chefs in the best resorts of Rajasthan.

authentic Rajasthani dishes

  1. 9. Watch the sunset from Phalodi salt lakes

Is there anything better than a breathtaking sunset with your better half. Many tourists have crossed the globe and pointed to Phalodi salt lakes as one of the best destinations to head to at dusk.

Phalodi salt lake

  1. 10. Discover the blissful Chittorgarh

The ruins of Chittorgarh has many secrets beneath. Discover the lost kingdom beneath the sky on horses or hand-in-hand with your partner. The mesmerizing architecture and the scenes will leave you and your significant other wondering.


  1. 11. Listen to songs sitting near the Pushkar Lake

The Pushkar lake offers a serene atmosphere for a perfect night out. Listen to a playlist that you both love. Let the time pass as you soak up the poetic atmosphere, laugh your hearts out, and plan a romantic dinner later beside the Pushkar Lake.

Pushkar Lake

  1. 12. A candlelight dinner in Udaipur’s City Palace

Treat yourself to the best food under the glittering lights of the sky. The relishing cuisine at the palace is sure to give you dinner with a fantastic view.

Udaipur City Palace

  1. 13. Go shopping in the charming flea markets at Mount Abu

Mount Abu has markets that woo tourists with every budget. It will be fun browsing the markets with your better half. The market is renowned for the antique stores and items made from marble, sandalwood and stone.

Mount Abu

  1. 14. Watch the sunrise and the sunset at Jaisalmer

You can’t return to your home without gorging your soul with the beautiful sunset and sunrise in Jaisalmer. The sunset is worth the halt if you have travelled there from a faraway land.


  1. 15. Click photos in the historic city of Bikaner with your love

Bond over the view of some marvelous temples which are worth taking a picture! The spectacular pieces of architecture can be the source of some impressive posts for your Instagram handle.


  1. 16. Hop on the camel for a ride in Jaisalmer

A camel ride with your loved one in Jaisalmer will totally change your perception of luxury. An incredible part of the Rajasthani tradition, camels are the magnificent beasts that can give you the best experience of the windswept desert.


  1. 17. Stroll through the exotic bazaars of Jaipur

Take your partner shopping at least once in the markets of Jaipur. Mostly famous for the wholesale prices and refreshing feels, the stores are a must-visit for tourists from all over the world.


  1. 18. Walk arm-in-arm in the mountains at Mount Abu

This is among one of the few spots for a romantic walk amidst the mighty mountains. Heat and sweat will be bygones by this time of the year. The Old Market and the Nakki Lake become the most happening parts of the town in the evening. Treat yourself with ‘Rabri’ after finishing the walk.

Mount Abu mountains

  1. 19. A sunset boat tour in the Lake Pichola

This experience is a fairy-tale for everyone who lusts for a few moments in the swift movement of a boat in a lake. The boat rides become even more captivating when you are with your sweetheart.

Lake Pichola

  1. 20. Let the blue in Jodhpur kill all the blues in your lives

What looks like a city painted in blue from the hilltop, is actually a city that offers an amalgamation of history, culture, and rich ancient architecture! Sit atop hand-in-hand and cherish this special time of your life.


  1. 21. Take a tour in the Thar desert

The golden city Jaisalmer can take you to a stunning atmosphere amidst the vast desert. The desert is the home to many tales of love and bravery buried deep in the sand. Your guide can shower fascinating tales from the desert in case he’s in a good mood.

Thar desert

  1. 22. Barbecue in the sea of sand

The Thar desert near the city of Jaisalmer offers the perfect place to spend a romantic evening with your partner. A barbeque amidst the golden sand can be a memorable romantic date with your soulmate.

Barbecue in the sea of sand

  1. 23. Drink with a view in Udaipur

One of the most popular honeymoon destinations in Rajasthan, Udaipur is known as the city of lakes. The wonderful views of the marble palaces beside the lakes are a dream destination for newlyweds and couples.


  1. 24. Experience the amazing folk dance and music in Jaisalmer

Rajasthan is a state with some of the finest spots for experiencing the folk dances and music of India. Renowned in the whole country, Jaisalmer can be the place for you both to soak in the view of the amazing culture underneath the star-lit sky.

folk dance in Jaisalmer

  1. 25. Make a holy tour at the exquisite Dilwara Temples

Amid the elegant hill resort Mount Abu and quaint windswept huge rocks, lies the centuries-old Dilwara Temples. The place offers the perfect pilgrimage destination for you to take with your partner.

Dilwara Temple

If you have already tried all the romantic things with your partner, then Rajasthan must be next on your list. It’s time to go all out and impress your darling in the state that was once the dwelling of the most famous princes and princesses.

Chances for romantic experiences abound in the state of Rajasthan!
To experience all the above ventures, it’s recommended to book a stay in an area that’s at an equal distance from all the major tourist attractions.

The best Ranakpur hotels can inform you about the various destinations that you need to witness while you are in Rajasthan.

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