Rajasthan Monsoon Destinations

No doubt Rajasthan is considered to be one of the hottest states in India, but you find the same barren desert rejoicing during monsoon. The desert state offers a plethora of surprises as the raindrops touch the scorching sand and you can see for yourself how the fort, dried oasis and lakes welcome the first drops of monsoon in unison.

The first spell of monsoon transforms the dry land into lush green heaven. The arid state offers you all the elements for a pluviophile to fall in love with the vibrant culture and rich heritage of the state.

Start packing your bag as we move out on an adventure to explore the ‘Land of Maharajas’ and fall in love with the exquisite scenery, spectacular sightseeing and the local cuisine. Start off the journey by booking your stay at the luxurious hotels in Ranakpur.

11 Exotic Monsoon Destinations in Rajasthan

See how the moon-lit sand dunes shimmer against the blue sky as they come alive with the onset of monsoon. It would obviously be a wonderful sight to see this nature’s nirvana as you enjoy the brooding pouring with a hot cup of masala tea

Don’t leave Rajasthan without visiting these monsoon destinations:

  1. 1. ‘Venice of the East’- Udaipur


This beautiful place has many names, call it the ‘city of lakes’ or ‘city of dawn’. Just like the varied names, Udaipur offers you multiple places to soothe your tired eyes with its pristine artificial lakes, ornate palace buildings, terraced houses, forts and prestigious Havelis.

Don’t miss: Sajjan Garh Palace (Monsoon Palace), Taj Lake Palace, City Palace, Fateh Sagar Lake, Jagdish Temples, Sahelion-ki-Bari. Bagore ki Haveli and end the day by watching the sunset by the lake or take a boat ride on the Lake Pichola.

If in case you are travelling via road from Delhi to Udaipur, then drop at Jag Niwas, Shiv Niwas Palace, Jag Mandir, etc.

The city is buzzing with tourists and offers huge shopping options and its romantic hotels will make you remember your S.O! You will surely forget that you have landed into a deserted place and take back memories and heroic stories epitomising valour and chivalry.

  1. 2. ‘Tranquil town of pilgrimage’- Ranakpur


Ranakpur, a small village located in the heart of Aravallis; the riverbank in Ranakpur and the famous Ranakpur Jain Temple, makes it popular among devotees. It is a year-round destination as the weather makes it possible to move around especially from October to April. The glory of the town lies in its authenticity and solitude.

Enjoy your monsoon in Ranakpur sightseeing the mountains, evergreen forests, detectable food and just delve deeper into the beauty of nature escaping the exhaustive life.

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Don’t miss: Surya Narayan Temple, Muchhal Mahavir Temple, Sadri and more.

The Splendour of Ranakpur:

The famous Jain temple is known for its delicate lace-like carvings just like the temples of Khajuraho. The white marble temple has over 1444 pillars holding up the ceiling with a jaw-dropping intricate detailing of people, elephants and geometrical patterns. You may even find two small temples, but it not as incredible as Ranakpur temple.

  1. 3. ‘An Oasis in the desert’- Mount Abu

Mount Abu

Sitting on the high rocky plateau in the Aravalli range near the Gujarat border, Mount Abu is the only hill station of Rajasthan. It is marked by ambient climate, evergreen forests, waterfalls, lakes and makes you feel great and accomplished being at the oldest mountainous range: Aravalli!

Just soak yourself in the misty mountains as you stroll around the place experiencing nature walks, bird watching and much more. A small recommendation would be to explore the amazing shades of the sun under the changing sky at famous Nakki lake.

Don’t miss: White marbled Dilwara Jain Temple, Achalgarh Fort, Mount Abu wildlife sanctuary, Sunset point, Abu road, Guru Shikhar Peak and more.

  1. 4. ‘Blue City’- Jodhpur


The best way to explore the city is to watch it from a high vantage point and amaze yourself with the blue-coloured clustered town in the middle of the dusty desert with giant palaces and camels wandering around.

Commonly, known as the ‘sun city’, Jodhpur is sprawling with good food, forts and cheap shopping destinations to die for. Monsoons can be enjoyed with some delectable ‘omelette’ and Rajasthani Thali and dinner overlooking the fort with some folk music and dance.

Don’t forget to have some ginger honey lemon tea before you fall in love with the folk dance and get tempted to dance.

Don’t miss: Sardar Market, Mehrangarh Fort, Jodhpur fort, Jaswant Thada Palace, Umaid Bhavan Palace,

  1. 5. ‘Pink City’- Jaipur


In 1976, Maharaja Ram Singh dressed the whole city in pink to welcome the Prince of Wales and Queen Victoria. They believe pink symbolizes ‘hospitality’. The best memory one would have about Rajasthan is the brilliant terracotta pink façade- The Hawa Mahal or the Palace of Winds.

The city looks magnificent when drenched in rain. The famous Jal Mahal located in the middle of Man Sage Lake is the most serene sight amidst the busy streets of Jaipur. The red-stoned picturesque palace nestling over the sublime lake is a majestic scene.

During monsoon, find yourself a comfortable place in a treehouse and tune with nature as you peep outside your wooden window and listen to the amazing sounds of rain, birds chirping and trees whispering. Make all your dreams come true in Jaipur!

Don’t miss: Nahargarh Fort, Jantar Mantar, Chokhi Dhani, Johri Bazaar, Bapu Bazaar, etc.

  1. 6. ‘City of Granite and Grandeur’- Jalore


Located in the foothills of Swarnagiri mountains and fenced by the Aravallis, this majestic city is known as Suvarngiri or Songir for its picturesque views as the orange sun plays hide and seek with the misty mountains. The Jalore fort and the 900-year-old Sundha Mata Temple is an eye-pleasing haven.

Don’t miss: Malik Shah’s mosque, Sirey Mandir, Topkhana, etc.

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  1. 7. ‘City of Baoris’- Bundi


If you love the combination of rainbow and peacocks, then this is a must place to explore. Surrounded by gorgeous step wells, mesmerizing hills, waterfalls and pristine lakes like Jait Sagar and Naval Sagar, Bundi is for all the passionate travellers. Don’t forget to attend the colourful festival, Teej celebrated to mark the onset of monsoon.

Serenade yourself to the vibrant culture wherein women wear colourful attires, sing folk songs and grove to the folk dance ‘Ghoomar’. Hope you don’t get lost in the overcrowded fairs offering aesthetic Rajasthan textiles and fabrics like Bandhani, Leheriya and more.

Don’t miss: Kshar Bagh, Bundi palace, Dugari, Garh Palace and Dabhai Kund .

  1. 8. ‘City of 100 Islands’- Banswara


Welcome! You are in the cleanest and greenest city of Rajasthan!

If you are planning to visit Rajasthan during August, then Banswara will surely give you an overwhelming experience as it receives the highest rainfall and is known as the ‘Cherrapunji of Rajasthan’.

Be close to nature with its charming lakes, mountains and numerous islands found on the Mahi river that flows through Banswara. The Mahi dam is a popular destination, you may see people coming for a picnic or simply getting drenched.

Don’t miss: Ram Kund, Anand Sagar, Ram Kund, Talwara Temple, Vithala Deo Temple, Chacha Kota, Baneshwar Dham, etc.

  1. 9. ‘A Hippie Destination in Rajasthan’- Pushkar


You have obviously heard about the largest ‘Pushkar camel fair’ and might have also heard about competitions like ‘longest moustache’ and ‘best bridal wear’. It may sound absurd but this is what makes it the biggest tourist attraction. Unfortunately, the fair takes place in October and November. But, there is a lot more Pushkar offers in monsoon.

This small town is centred by a sacred lake ‘Pushkar lake’ which is a famous pilgrimage spot. It is one of the best weekend places to visit since it is near to Delhi. You will surely find peace here due to its serenity.

For the adventurous traveller, try hiking up the steep incline of stairs that reaches to the Savitri temple. Don’t come back without watching the sunset!

Apart from this, other attractions include desert camping, hot air balloon, wildlife, sightseeing and delicious vegan, western and local cuisine.

A quick tip: Please remove your shoes while walking around the lake and beware of cow dung, they will be everywhere!
Be a part of the evening Aarti.

Don’t miss: Lord Brahma Temple, Savitri Temple, Rangji temple, Pap Mochani temple etc.

  1. 10. ‘Land of jhalas’- Jhalawar


Jhalawar is a small town in Kota bordered by Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh and has a huge wealth of flora and fauna. The red poppy fields and orange laden orchards look like a colourful blanket. There are many temples and religious sites of the Mughal and Rajput era that gives it a rich culture.

Don’t miss: Jhalawar fort and museum, Gagron Fort, Bhawani Natyashala, Sun temple, Dwarkadheesh temple, Buddhists caves and stupas, Kolvi caves, Unhel Jain temple, Herbal garden, etc.

  1. 11. ‘Place full of adventures’- Narlai


Enveloped in the heart of the Aravalli range, Narlai is a small village situated between Udaipur and Jodhpur. This destination is a perfect place for adventurers, explorers, wildlife lovers, history fanatics and a lot more. You will get an insight into the rural Rajasthan with stunning Havelis and activities like trekking, hiking and watching wild cats like leopards and panthers.

Experience the stepwell dinner, horse safari and a walkway into the village to give you a close feel of the rural Rajasthan.

Don’t miss: Jeep Safari, Shree Aai Ji Mandir, Chaturmukha Jain Temple, Seli Bandh etc.

Rajasthan: From Vibrant Turbans to Incredible Havelis
The list doesn’t end here, there is a lot more to Rajasthan. The fact is that wherever you plan to visit, the royal state will always give you the most memorable experience as it takes you deeper into its colourful history, unparallel bravery, sacrifice and chivalry of brave men and women.

Behind its rich history lies a lively, colourful and traditional state that have stood upright and faced harsh climatic conditions and water crises every day and still knows how to be happy. The desert state gives you benevolent options to explore the charismatic diversity found only in Rajasthan.

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