Top 10 restaurants in Jodhpur Rajasthan

rajasthani thali

Jodhpur is a major city with many excellent dining options among all Rajasthan Restaurants. As the second largest city of Rajasthan, it offers numerous delicacies, exquisite sweets, spicy appetizers, many Rajasthani Thali combinations along with impressive palaces, fascinating forts and […]

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Top 6 Ranakpur Restaurants

ranakpur restaurants

Ranakpur is the epitome of serenity, beauty and nature’s bounty. Quaint and suburban, it is the perfect spring break destination located in Rajasthan’s Pali district. The weather in this valley is pleasant throughout the year due to the widespread foliage […]

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Rajwadi Bajra Khichdi by Mana Hotels

Bajra Khichdi Mana hotels

This dish is famous in the Jodhpur region by the name of Rajwadi Bajra Khichdi. The preparation with pearl millet is slightly unconventional but makes the preparation delicious. Enjoy this Khichdi without Kadi! S.NO. INGREDIENTS QTY UOM 1 Pearl Bajra […]

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Review: Jag Mandir Island Palace Hotel, Udaipur

In 1551, Maharana Amar Singh of Mewar began constructing an island palace in the midst of the beautiful Lake Pichola in Udaipur. It took two of his successors, Maharana Karan Singh and Maharana Jagat Singh to complete this project and […]

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Review: Gorbandh Palace Hotel, Jaisalmer

Gorbandh Palace in Jaisalmer is another beautiful property of the HRH Group of Hotels. It is ideally located and inspired by the desert and its associated stories. Here, you can enjoy all modern-day facilities in an authentic Rajasthani ambiance. This […]

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