Ranakpur Jain Temple

Introduction to Ranakpur

Ranakpur is a picturesque hamlet located in the Desuri Tehsil near Sadri town in the Pali district of Rajasthan. It is an idyllic place for those who love spending time in the outdoors and observing wild animals and plants. Wildlife Safaris are offered by almost every Ranakpur hotel and resort, with the majority of them offering modern-day amenities that every traveller yearns for. Many fondly select amongst the hotels here, their ultimate destination wedding venues in Rajasthan’s wilderness. This paradisal locale with hills and lush green foliage to its name thrives on tourists from all over India and the world. The visitors enjoy exploring, The Ranakpur Jain Teerth, a 15th-century Jain temple that is a world-renowned architectural marvel; they enjoy the tranquillity of rustic treks known to give many an experience of the sublime beauty this valley holds; and the famed Jungle Safaris where the Jawai Leopards are known for their unique trait of settling peacefully amongst the humans. Ranakpur is easily accessible enroute to Kumbhalgarh as well and is a great escape to relax for those visiting the Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary and Kumbhalgarh Fort.

We have curated a personalized list of the Best Ranakpur Hotels for you to choose from, some of them being amongst the Best Resorts in Rajasthan.

1. Mana Hotels, Ranakpur

Address: Plot # 4677, Ranakpur Rd, Sadri, Rajasthan 306702

Phone: 08107888800;

Mana Hotels Ranakpur
Mana Hotels Ranakpur

Luxury Cottages, Villas, and Rooms, total 49 in number, have been fine-tuned with all the modern amenities. Unwind in their open green spaces after you reach here. Located in a valley, its design and structure are unique. Almost avant-garde in its eco-friendly sensibility, with only 4 materials used in 70% of its space, namely steel, brick-mortar, cement, and glass. This place has some serious design goals for those who love a minimalist and aesthetic balance in a building structure. Vari, the restaurant here looks splendid in the day and night, the larger-than-life tilted glass wall here amplifying its fair charm. Contemporary with its impressive and inviting rooms, that are made breathable. Some rooms come with private patios for discreet relaxation and some with shared balconies to their credit; both supplying unobstructed fresh air and natural light. They have rooms that offer mountain views, pool views, and non-smoking rooms; along with suites and family villas.

Ranakpur Hotels
Pool side at Mana Ranakpur

The hotel has the following activities:

  • A Swimming Pool
  • A Badminton Court
  • Free Parking
  • A Games Room
  • Horse Riding Activities
  • Safari Tours
  • A Restaurant
  • Easy Access For Disabled Persons
  • Business Centre With Meeting Rooms For Conferences
  • Free Wifi
  • Free Breakfast
  • Free Stay For Toddlers

In these covid-times, we all are worried about health measures and the likes of being tested before any stay to ensure complete safety. Mana Hotel follows routine temperature checks and strict sanitization every day. They even perform RT PCR tests for travellers who have been out and about for long, especially for those guests who come in from other states. Google has given the hotel tags of ‘Enhanced Cleaning’, ‘Hygienic, and Sanitised Stay’ along with ‘Minimal Contact’.

Restaurant at Mana Ranakpur

Frankly, I have personally stayed here a couple of times, and each time I enjoyed staying in the state-of-the-art villa rooms, a rare sight in this sleepy valley. Their chefs will fashion any cuisine you would want to try and deliver each time. The indoor and outdoor activities they offer have kept my son busy, leaving me enough time to de-stress while I sip mocktails by the pool. I also recommend the Jungle Safari Tours they have for the morning and evening; along with their package of places to visit in Kumbhalgarh. Winter or summer, this place is seasoned to release the endorphins you seek on every staycation.

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Hotel website: www.manahotels.in

Tripadvisor has given this hotel the “Travellers Choice 2020” laurels along with a 4.5 rating of Excellent remark. Tripadvisor mentions that it is one of the ‘Top Three’ places to stay in Ranakpur. Their page on Tripadvisor even states the recent health and safety protocols the hotel partakes in to tackle Covid-19. The main link is as follows:


The following link is of a review of the hotel as recent as April 2021, with 5 stars on TripAdvisor and the title “Great Hospitality” mentioned by the reviewer detailing how the hotel was supportable about testing before stay.

Tripadvisor Review Link: https://www.tripadvisor.in/ShowUserReviews-g1162449-d2318365-r786947967-Mana_Hotels-Ranakpur_Pali_District_Rajasthan.html

Google Review Links:


This one states it’s a great choice to host weddings and events here:


2. Fateh Bagh

Address: Ranakpur Road, Ranakpur, Rajasthan 306702

Phone: 08003190789; +91 7357164222

Ranakpur Hotels
Fateh Bagh Ranakpur

It is a part of the HRH hotels group and boasts of a romantic 18th-century era setting where they aim to make you live like the Rajput kings of a by-gone era. A palatial structure with a swimming pool greets the eye as you enter the grounds. Their lawns have seating for you to enjoy tea-time and meals in the lap of nature. They have a larger dining hall, when it is raining or simply too hot to sit outside in the open. Ethnic with its sandstone-colored structure, columns, and pavilions, it reminds one of the traditional decors of royal households. Most of the rooms are different in their colors, setting, and appeal. Built-in 2002, with 65,000 pieces from a ramshackle and neglected palace called ‘Rawla Koshilav’ near Jodhpur; that were then assembled in this scenic valley, to revive a long-lost rich heritage.

The hotel has

  • Free Wifi
  • Access for the Disabled
  • Free Breakfast
  • A Swimming Pool
  • Free Parking
  • Laundry Services
  • A Day Spa
  • A Restaurant and Bar
  • Free Breakfast
  • A Business Centre

This hotel isn’t contemporary in its style, I wouldn’t even tag it as a lavish and opulent fort as it lacks a certain old-world magnificent charm that it tries to recreate. Not very functional or practical to look at, the pictures available online of the deluxe rooms looked dingy without sufficient natural air access. Even the bathrooms seem wearied and demand a renovation. The suites are better equipped, and with easy access being on the ground floor, only 7 of these in number here. You would want to visit here during the day for photoshoots in the conventional Rajputana setting. The lawn and pool look enticing so maybe it’s worth a visit. Other than that, the 18 rooms are limited space, probably only for a small-scale wedding. Sadly, this hotel hasn’t won any spa awards to be mentioned on their website, although it is in association with Tattva Spas. Yet, I cannot recommend that this facility is top-notch.

Outdoor Dining at Fateh Bagh

There haven’t been any reviews in the past 5 months mentioning that the hotel took RT-CPR tests. Upon searching on Google, I did not find the tags ‘Enhanced Cleaning’ and ‘Sanitised Stay’ with the hotel information. Honestly, this is very important if you are looking forward to a safe trip. Though we would recommend calling up the property and enquiring about covid protocols and measures taken up by them before you plan your trip here.

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Hotel Website: https://hrhhotels.com/hotels/fateh_bagh/about.php

Google Review Link:


And one about the food and service


Tripadvisor reviewers gave it an overall 4 out of 5 stars, with a remark of “Very Good” and the site has given it a Hotel Class rating of 3.5 out of 5, on the following link:


A Tripadvisor reviewer describes it as “Actual Palace Feel. Amazing!”, on the link below


3. WelcomHeritage Maharani Bagh Orchard Retreat

Address: Ranakpur Road, Sadri, Dist. Pali Ranakpur Rajasthan 306702 India

Phone: 011 4603 5500; +91 2934-285151, 285105, 286615

Maharani Bagh Ranakpur
Maharani Bagh Swimming pool

Currently owned by the Maharaja of Jodhpur, this one is a rustic delight. If you are not into high maintenance then this charming yet old-world countryside retreat will appeal to you with its simplicity. It is only 3.6 km from the Ranakpur Jain Temple. Conventional in appeal, and unlike other Ranakpur hotels, it has orchards with mangoes, limes, and pomegranates growing here. With 16 cottage rooms that open up to garden views, it has ample natural sunlight and air that allows for a refreshing rural experience. A heritage hotel with thatch roofs and open courtyards amidst nature. With a dining area inside the property that looks canteen-style. You can also enjoy the typical Rajasthani cuisine buffet while dining under the stars in an open courtyard; here the food is kept warm in brass utensils while laid out on a red brick earthen setting. Enjoy a night of drinking, by requesting the staff to start a bonfire near the bar. An intriguing feature is a real-life chessboard made with marble flooring and chess pieces as high as your calf for live-play amidst nature. This retreat is home to a water canal that allows you to enjoy the sound and sight of this natural renewable source of energy.

Maharani Bagh Ranakpur
Maharani Bagh Restaurant

They have

  • A Swimming Pool
  • Free Parking
  • A Bar
  • Buffet Dinner
  • A Restaurant
  • Jogging Track
  • Free Breakfast
  • Air-Conditioned Rooms

In my opinion, the rooms need an update as they are not fashionable and look constricted space-wise. They remind one of a village’s community life experience fallen out of time. The atmosphere of rural charm, greenery everywhere, and heritage food have many visitors coming back for more. Their site mentions that they “offer contemporary venues” for conferences and events, with a total area of 4500 sq. ft. Since most Indian weddings require majestic milieus, I am not sure if this ‘retreat’ would be suitable for such an event as this place is unrefined and homely, practically covered in foliage everywhere you look. It reminds me of a holistic healing retreat sans the spa. They are not a pet-friendly hotel, but I wonder why, as they have plenty of trails and tracks in their acres of land to support pet lovers and their pooches. Best to call and find out if they do allow your beloved canines here.

Maharani Bagh Ranakpur
Maharani Bagh Rooms

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Hotel Website: https://www.welcomheritagehotels.in/hotel-details/maharani-bagh-orchard-retreat

It has a Google Reviewer rating of 4.5. These are some helpful Google Review Links:



They don’t have Google’s ‘Enhanced Cleaning and Sanitisation’ tags but they have updated their Covid protocols on Tripadvisor, which is a relief.

Tripadvisor Link:


A Tripadvisor Review that mentions they cultivate their vegetables for an organic food experience:


4. Kings Abode

Address: Ranakpur Rd, Sadri, Rajasthan 306702

Phone: 09001999491; 09001999492; 09001999493

Ranakpur Hotels
Kings Abode Ranakpur

Adjacent to the Aravalli ranges, it is braced by natural surroundings. Its name reminds one of a chalet homestead that could have belonged to a royal patron. Its ambiance can be described as a fusion of hotel and an estate-style manor. Their main attraction is a waterhole amid their property, that is covered in lilies and lotuses. This property on the outlook is minimal with its stone structure and a mezze floor for deluxe and super deluxe rooms after you step past the main entrance. They have a total of 26 rooms here. Their suites are located on the upper ground floor and are spacious with their private terraces and fitted jacuzzis in the bathrooms. The super deluxe rooms have their own smaller pools attached, giving you space for private composure. The deluxe rooms are not too big yet have mini-yards outside for reclining in the sun. The restaurant is well-lit in the day with natural light coming in from its windows, giving you a decent view while dining. They own a spa too, for you to rejuvenate once you arrive here. Their site details functional information, especially about how they can host weddings and events with maximalist themes.

Kings Abode Rooms
Kings Abode Rooms

The hotel offers

  • Free Wifi
  • A Restaurant
  • Fitness Centre
  • A Bar/Lounge
  • A Swimming Pool
  • A Hot Tub
  • A Spa
  • Free Breakfast
  • Valet Parking
  • Access for Disabled
  • Safari Services
  • Horse Riding

I have stayed here once, and the best part is when you enter past the main threshold, there is a welcoming open courtyard with a pond that has flora in it and all around it. Plenty of fresh air and sunlight in this part of the hotel, endowing it with serenity. But, it’s only enjoyable as long as the staff works to ensure that there will be a dearth of mosquitoes, as they can be easily attracted to the waterbody and foliage. The rooms, I would say, are moderately done and are devoid of an affluent touch. The majority of the rooms are assisted with open spaces for you to rewind in. They have basic amenities along with pleasant marble flooring; I always prefer stone to carpeted rooms. Their site did not state any recent changes for Covid protocols that they follow, and upon searching Google they have not received an ‘Enhanced Cleaning’ and ‘Minimal Contact’ tag; so it is best to check up with them before arriving here.

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Hotel Website: https://www.kingsabode.in/

The aforementioned site states that the hotel has received the “Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence in 2018”.

They have a Google reviewer rating of 4.4, out of 5. The following Google Review link is helpful with ratings given to all the features of this hotel:


Another, that states how the food and service was:


Tripadvisor rates this as the 4th best place to stay in Ranakpur on their site and it has received an overall rating of 4.5 from Tripadvisor reviewers; though their Hotel Class on the same link mentioned below is rated 2 stars. Thankfully, they have updated their sanitization protocols on the following link.


A Tripadvisor Review Link, titled “Amazing experience,” by a reviewer:


5. Aranyawas

Address: Village Maga, Tehsil Sayra, Ranakpur, Rajasthan 306702

Phone: 099289 44005; 090166 44502; 91-6353218597

Ranakpur Hotels
Aranyawas Ranakpur

This country-style hotel is located in the backwoods with fruit orchards all around. Almost resembling a hunting lodge, its grey coloured stone structure is the only hue that stands out in the green belt valley it rests in. Its swimming pool occupies a higher ground, giving you views of the hills nearby and the woods that surround it. Only in the monsoons, there is an evergreen aura here, in the summers these hills seem fatigued by the intense daytime heat. Recharge your batteries after you arrive on the property as they own a Spa. Their 25 rooms are small cottages, well ventilated with their own private balconies and seating areas inside. All of them are incorporated with tiled flooring and wooden furnishings that have a modest style. Their dining hall with stone columns extends out in an aerated courtyard where you can also enjoy sustenance under the shade of the trees. The hotel has a separate open area for bonfires at night overlooking the dale. It’s great if you want to escape from all things urban, especially as there aren’t any televisions in the rooms and also there is no mention of ‘Free’ Wifi on Google. Relax and disconnect as much as you want from the hustle and bustle of the city on this staycation. A small dam with a rivulet is flowing adjacent to the backside of the property, which summons you to sit and enjoy the sunsets on the horizon.

Aranyawas rooms
Aranyawas rooms

They have:

  • A Swimming Pool
  • A Spa
  • Free Parking
  • Free Breakfast
  • A Restaurant
  • Car Rental Onsite
  • Laundry Service
  • Public Wifi
  • Adventure Safaris and Treks

Nothing luxurious about this one, though it looks restful. The rooms aren’t swanky, they are basic and provincial. Charming to only those who can enjoy hinterland modes. There are no pictures available online of their spa, so one is left to assume if it could be a rudimentary massage room. Shockingly, there are no televisions in the rooms that all hotels offer as part of their amenities, this is archaic. Also, there is no mention of a recreational room though their site mentions they will be starting a music room and library in the coming future. Kids need these facilities more than us adults do, to chill just for a while. This place also lacks disabled-friendly features mostly due to its terrain, their access being mainly stairs that have to be tread upon uphill and downhill to reach one’s cottages. This is only a good exercise for those that don’t have sensitive breathing difficulties. Clearly an offbeat spot for a holiday. Google says it’s not pet-friendly, but many pictures available online show people enjoying time with their canines here. They have abundant aerified spaces to roam around, so I recommend checking up with the hotel if they do allow pets. They haven’t received Google’s ‘Enhanced Cleaning’ and ‘Hygiene and Sanitisation’ tags. Though they have updated safety protocols taken up by the property to ensure safety on Tripadvisor. The hotel has received the ‘Travellers Choice 2020’ laurel on its Tripadvisor page and is mentioned as one of the top places to stay in Ranakpur.

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Hotel Website: https://www.aranyawas.com/

A Google Review Link, that states there is no cell reception here:


The overall Tripadvisor Reviews rate it as 4.5 out of 5, with a tag of ‘Excellent’ yet it has got a Hotel Class tag of 3 out of 5. Tripadvisor Link for the hotel:


A Tripadvisor Review Link, offering comprehensive insight, labelled, “Peaceful and Therapeutic.”


Another reviewer mentions they took along their pet to this property:


6. Lal Bagh Ranakpur

Ranakpur Road, Sadri, Pali, Rajasthan 306702

Phone No.: 02934-294294, 91 952170007000

ranakpur hotels & resorts

The Lal Bagh Ranakpur Nature resort is a splendid resort situated amongst the beautiful Aravalli hills. A truly breathtaking resort in Ranakpur, the place is perfect for a vacation. Filled with all modern amenities, luxury, and numerous facilities, it is ideal to stay if you are ever thinking of visiting Ranakpur. The place has over 75 hotel rooms along with 36 luxury rooms, that have all that you can ask for along with a comforting and relaxing interior. Furthermore, the place also offers numerous fun activities for you to truly let down your hair and enjoy your time in Rajasthan. Counted amongst the best resorts in Ranakpur, this place is situated at a perfect distance from many of Ranakpur’s sought-after and famous sites, like the marvellous Jain Temple of Ranakpur, the amazing Kumbhalgarh wildlife sanctuary and more. Here is a list of amenities that can be found at the Lal Bagh Nature Resort:

– Free private parking

– Swimming pool and rain dancing facility

– Free wifi

– Bar and lounge

– Banquet hall for all kinds of gatherings

– Spa and Massage Centre

– Gym and working area

– Outdoor and Indoor game zone

– Secure Kids Zone

– Indoor dining

– Rooftop Dining

– Lawn Dining Setup

– Buffet and breakfast

– Horseback riding

– DJ and Nightclub

– Transportation and Taxi

– Makeup services

– Laundry service

ranakpur hotel

The hotel truly provides a luxurious stay for vacation due to its numerous facilities and modern amenities. However, like any other hotel, there are certain rules and procedures all guests are required to follow. The check-in and check-out time is reserved for 1 PM and 10 AM respectively. The resort does not allow the consumption of outside food, or non-veg food on the premises, and has a no-pet policy. A very popular Ranakpur resort, it has been much liked and preferred by tourists on numerous platforms. Perfect for family, this Ranakpur resort has something or the other for all age groups. Having countless activities and facilities is what makes this place stand out from the rest. If you are soon planning to visit Ranakpur, with family or alone, this place is your best bet. 

ranakpur resort

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Check this review of the hotel on Booking.com  Another great review and it lists all the numerous facilities and amenities this place offers, along with FAQs.


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Google Reviewhttps://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=2ahUKEwinrezk743-AhXDxjgGHULwCLQQFnoECCMQAQ&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com.pk%2Ftravel%2Fhotels%2Fentity%2FCgoI_bWlmuaw4K8kEAE&usg=AOvVaw3qI_sr0MVd6krskyR3Y56P

7. Ranakpur Safari Resort

Ranakpur Road, Sadri, Pali, Rajasthan 306702

Phone No.: 9521379942

ranakpur resorts

An amazing modern yet traditional resort, the Ranakpur Safari Resort stands out from the rest due to its stylish aesthetics. An amazing place to relax in the lapse of nature, it is counted among the best resorts in Ranakpur. A definition of a blend of modern and old, it is popular among all kinds of tourists. Whether you are visiting Ranakpur for leisure, travel, business, or any other reason, this Ranakpur resort will truly please you, making you want to come back again and again. Situated in the middle of the town, it is close to more than six popular tourist attractions in Ranakpur. Furthermore, there are numerous popular eateries and the best hotels in Ranakpur are situated close to Ranakpur Safari resort, making your stay even more enjoyable and full of ease. This place, despite its traditionalist style, is equipped with world-class modern facilities. To find more about, below are the various services provided by the Ranakpur Safari Resort:

– Free Parking

– Free High-Speed WiFi

– Free Breakfast

– Pets Friendly/Allowed

– Swimming Pool

– Special Menu as per Diets

– Baggage Storage

– Horseback Riding

– Laundry Service

– 24-Hour Front Desk

– Family Rooms

ranakpur hotels

The Ranakpur Safari Resort has different kinds of luxurious rooms for a stay. There is the Royal Cottage, a small cottage space with a spacious and modern interior, bathroom and access to the lawn. Furthermore, there is the Super Deluxe room, a perfect blend of modern and traditional interior styles. It is quite spacious and provides a wonderful view. The Ranakpur resort also offers a Suite Room. This is a large, spacious area, with an amazing Rajasthani interior style, perfect for families and a more intimate environment. The Ranakpur Safari Resort is truly true to its name, offering special services like camping, trekking, and a wildlife safari experience. Furthermore, its cleanliness, pet-friendliness, and on-call doctor service are what attract tourists to this place. With a free cancellation policy and numerous nearby activities, different kinds of food and dining options, a fully air-conditioned and non-smoking room makes it a perfect place to enjoy peaceful and joyful days with the whole family. An amazing choice among the various other resorts in Ranakpur, you should consider this place if you are planning to visit Ranakpur. So, without wasting much time, book your stay now!

hotel in ranakpur

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Link for Google Reviewhttps://www.google.com.pk/travel/hotels/entity/CgoIh968oaCsmv1UEAE?utm_campaign=sharing&utm_medium=link&utm_source=htls&ved=0CAAQ5JsGahcKEwjIhcTX843-AhUAAAAAHQAAAAAQCA&ts=CAESABogCgIaABIaEhQKBwjnDxAEGAcSBwjnDxAEGAgYATICEAAqCQoFOgNJTlIaAA

8. Pride Resort and Convention Centre Ranakpur

Prem Sagar Sadri, Mukti Dham Ke Pass, Falna Road, Sadri, Pali, Rajasthan, 306702

Phone No: 18002091400

best hotels in rajasthan

Counted among the most popular resorts in Ranakpur, the Pride Resort and Convection Centre, Ranakpur is an amazing choice. With a modern interior, it guarantees a comfortable and relaxing stay. The guests will truly enjoy staying at the place due to their various amenities and one-of-a-kind guest service. The place has 80 all-purpose rooms, with classic modern interiors and smart decorations. Ensuring the best comfort level, Pride has much to offer. The resort in Ranakpur also provides an amazing culinary restaurant, offering countless mouth-watering delicacies from all around the world. The place also has serene banquet halls, four in number, suited to different kinds of occasions and events. These halls range in area and can even be used for holding business events. To know more about this wonderful hotel in Ranakpur, check out the various services it offers: 

– Free Parking

– Elevator

– Childcare services

– Paid pickup and drop

– Meal plans as per Diets

– Yoga Facility

– Free high-speed Wifi

– Butler Service

– Indoor Games

– Conference Room

– Business Services

– Study Room

– Interconnected Rooms

– Cribs

– Home Theatre

– Bubble Bath

– Wakeup Call

– Medical Assistance

resorts in ranakpur

Furthermore, the resort is fully air-conditioned and provides complimentary breakfast services to all its guests. An amazing resort from the Pride Hotels group, it truly stands out due to its modern and ultra-luxurious services and facilities. As one of the best hotels in Ranakpur, it offers different kinds of rooms, and each room has its own draw. The Deluxe Room is an amazingly spacious room, perfect for small families. It has a complimentary tea and coffee maker, wardrobe, television, safe, and much more. The next type of room, the Super Deluxe Room, is similar to the Deluxe Room but only larger and equipped with a balcony offering beautiful scenic sights. The last kind, the Suite of Pride hotel, has the most luxurious feel and look, built in a space of 660 sq. ft. It is perfect for business and casual travellers and has large balconies and bathtubs. All the rooms also have 24-hour room service, which makes them even more perfect for a stay. While the hotel costs may be a bit too much for some people, the overall service quality and superior stay are truly worth the price. Have a memorable time with Pride and enjoy your stay at one of the best resorts in Ranakpur. 

best resorts in rajasthan

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Listed as a highly recommended hotel in Ranakpur, it is rated 4 out of 5 stars on goibibo. It lists the place as very popular among tourists, and offering great customer satisfaction.


Check this review on Make My Trip, which contains comprehensive detail of the hotel and the hotel rooms.


Rated as 4.5 out of 5, the hotel is among the popular places to stay in Ranakpur. Read the review on Trip Advisor.


9. The Trishala Vilas (A Luxury Boutique Hotel & Spa)

Address: Near Ranakpur Jain Temple, Ranakpur, Sadri, Rajasthan 306702

Phone: 08949932275

best hotels in ranakpur

As I embarked on my journey to Ranakpur, I found myself captivated by the enchanting allure of THE TRISHALA VILAS—a haven of opulence nestled against the backdrop of nature’s splendor. Located just 24 miles from the historic Kumbalgarh Fort, this recently inaugurated LUXURY BOUTIQUE HOTEL & SPA swiftly became the centerpiece of my memorable sojourn.

Upon stepping into the exquisitely landscaped garden, I immediately felt the warm embrace of tranquility and luxury. My accommodation, a spacious retreat adorned with tasteful teak wood furnishings, provided an exquisite blend of comfort and sophistication. Each well-appointed room, boasting a generously sized and impeccably maintained washroom, offered an indulgent haven after a day of exploration.

Hotel Amenities:

  • Indoor games room
  • Bonfire pit
  • Fireplace
  • Jungle safari
  • Spa/Massage
  • Butler services
  • Kids’ play area
  • Lounge
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Sun deck
  • Living room
  • Balcony/terrace
  • Seating area
best resorts in rajasthan

Throughout my stay, THE TRISHALA VILAS unfolded a symphony of modern amenities. The outdoor swimming pool, spa, and an inviting restaurant serving delightful Indian cuisine added layers of relaxation and culinary delight to my visit. The personalized service, complemented by seamless accessibility to free private parking, a shared lounge, and a terrace, truly distinguished this boutique hotel. As I bid farewell to this oasis of elegance, THE TRISHALA VILAS etched an unforgettable chapter in my travel diaries—an exquisite blend of contemporary luxury and the charm of Ranakpur’s cultural treasures.

THE TRISHALA VILAS, a luxurious boutique hotel in Ranakpur, Rajasthan, surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty, ensured a delightful experience for me. Renowned for its contemporary style, new-age amenities, and essential services, the hotel offered a variety of rooms and suites, each well-appointed with modern amenities, including Wi-Fi, air conditioning, flat-screen TV, minibar, tea/coffee maker, and a private bathroom with a shower and hairdryer.

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For more information and bookings, visit The Trishala Vilas official website: https://www.thetrishalavilas.com/

The Trishala Vilas has earned an impressive Google reviewer rating of 4.9 out of 5. Check out the reviews and ratings on Google Maps:


Tripadvisor rates The Trishala Vilas as the 1st best place to stay in Sadari, with an overall rating of 5 out of 5. Read reviews on:


The hotel has been awarded the “Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence in 2023,” as mentioned on their official site.


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